Retail & E-commerce

A trucking experience of your need

With over 4 years in e commerce logistics
we understand your last mile delivery & secondary distribution needs


With “right place at the right time to the right person” as the baseline for your industry, we also realize that you have sales surges, which needs to be fulfilled with ease.


  • Better end customer satisfaction with our enterprise transportation solution
  • Meeting your sales surges when you need
  • Working with you to increase efficiency and reduce total logistics cost over time
  • Easy scaling across cities and assisting you in your growth plan
  • Technology based logistics solution that gives you total control in trucking

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Key services:


  • First mile
    • Get products from all your sellers & suppliers to your fulfillment centers
  • Long haul service for your fulfillment
    • Intercity t ransportation between the cities for FTL or LTL
  • Last mile & Home-deliveries
    • Your fulfillment centers to your hubs or to your stores and the most critical part to the end customers
    • Uninterrupted 30 days a month operations
  • Driver cum delivery
    • Ecommerce last mile fulfillment through our skilled team and making it a leaner process
  • Vehicles for 24hrs services
    • For operations that need a dedicated vehicle for 24hours, that can service the whole operations
  • Vehicle modification, specific driver training and new vehicle deployment

With consumer behavior in all categories changing everyday, you might be in need to change and modify specific vehicles or driver-side aspects. And we are here to help you make that transition easy.

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