Pharma & Healthcare

Trucking solutions for Pharma & Healthcare

You need a compliant transporter who understands the challenges
in transportation of high value goods, operated under tight inventory controls


Compliance critical, high value products and we know that you need someone who can manage this with specialized skill & expertise unique for your industry. If you are a pharmaceutical distributor or medicine distributor who needs mini or large truck, we are here to help you with that.

  • Getting best in class vehicles cleanliness and condition to world-class standards. Capability to add new vehicles as per standards also adds to our strength to be inline with your industry needs
  • On time in full distribution through our ability to penetrate the remote parts of the city and make a store delivery is what you need

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  • Single stop solution to your transport needs – Intercity long haul movement and within city movement
  • Transparent with our technology enabled we can cater any medical equipment transportation services

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