Consumer Durables

Trucking solution for Consumer Durables

Simplifying your complex forward logistics and return
logistics through our enterprise transport solutions


A complex dealer network and fulfilling products having large product life cycle is a challenge. A reliable forward and reverse logistics is a must for an industry like yours, where New Product Development and New Product Launches are so frequent. Consumer durables distribution gets challenging when you add the repairs and returns logistics, an area we can support in trucking.

  • One stop solution for an integrated trucking network
  • All type of vehicles for your truck load planning
  • Enjoying Enterprise benefits like live tracking, dashboard information and easy report generation through our technology

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Key services:

  • Inbound and outbound movements for your warehouses & factories
  • Loading and unloading services along with vehicles
  • Last mile distribution to dealer/distributors from warehouses
  • Forward and Reverse logistics for any repair and returns

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